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Hey folks,

I have a 99 Dodge, 2500, Cummins, 2x4, Auto, quad cab. I have about 170K on it now & have had it since around 40K.

I figured I would start with my questions & the info below.

My questions:
~ Have any of you guys had issues with the older dodge rear drum brakes?
~ Is there any way to make them work better?
~ I have to manually adjust them every year or so, because they are not auto adjusting, have you heard of that? is there a fix?
~ What would you recommend for front rotors & pads?
~ What would you recommend for rear shoes, slaves & hardware?

Sorry for the length, here are the details:

Ive never been happy with the brakes, it has ABS on all 4 wheels (the ABS manifold affects all 4 corners) but there is only a sensor on the rear end, no sensors on the front wheels. When empty, if I get even a little bit aggressive with the brakes, the rears lock up & then the ABS kicks in & it goes down hill from there.

when I have my 10K bumper pull trailer hooked to it, it wont lock the rears, but then again it does not stop very well either.

It appears to me that its proportioned wrong or has the wrong slaves in the drums or something. there is almost no shoe wear, but the fronts wear damm fast and they get stupid hot when Im towing.

Before anyone asks, I put all new brakes on all 4 corners of the trailer 3 years ago & I check them & adjust them @ the beginning of ea season, and test them every time I hook to the truck.

About 50K ago I replaced the rotors with vented cross drilled rotors & put the EBC Yellow stuff pads up front. the yellow stuff pads lasted 24K & when I changed them for the Green stuff pads, they had slight heat stress cracks, but nothing crazy. I got 23K out of them & just replaced the green stuff pads with a "napa" OEM pad because I had them in the garage. the rotors are stress cracked all to hell & look like they are junk now.

looking back I suppose I should have been more focused on the rears, because I think they really are the problem & the fronts are getting beat up due to the rears. but nothing Ive done to the rears make them any better. Ive only put one set of shoes on the rears since the trucks been new & that was probably @ about 90K or so.

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