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I sheared off my 28 spline stock Ford pinion, the housing is a Ford Bronco unit with a 3.00 Ford gear and a stock pinion support. It broke inside the yoke and the break looks clean.

Pro gears only go to about 3.40 and I don't really want spin my Pontiac that fast, plus my car see a lot of street mile.

My drive shaft is also all dented up so at the least, it will need a new tube, its 4" dia with 1330 joints.

Will 1330 joints live with big torque and a T-brake? My car has run 8.87 at 2950 lbs. and I will be going even faster as I turn up the turbo boost.

Would a set of Richman 28 spline gears with a aftermarket pinion support and a N case hold up a lot better then the stock Ford stuff?

I looked at the trans T400 and I don't see any damage to the case, is there anything special I should look at?

Thanks Ed
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