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Sorry for the confusion.

My basic question is on what determines the correct stall speed, is it based off your combo more so or what you do with the car?

Long story short is I am getting ready to purchase one and trying to get a better understanding why this guy says 4500 9.5" then you have another guy say 4500 8" then you have one shop say 5000+ this or that size.

Basically trying to educate before I waste a bunch of companies time with a thousand questions. Doing a bunch of reading and questions askign online first.. lol

After you answer this an I hopefully understand soem things better I was looking at making a thread for some C4 stall feedback and companies to look into..

Of course I have my preferences also. I generally want to use a converter that will have an agressive pump side. Depending on HP/Torque that will happen in either an 8" , 9" , 9.5" etc.

Generally the 8" converter will be more money.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts