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I've always wanted to build a Pro street car, and now I have found myself really wanting to try some drag racing. I traded my brother in law an old laptop for his 88 Camaro V6 manual car, then bought his 76 motorhome with a 454 for $500.

I don't plan on building the car as a pro street right off the hop as I feel I should work my way up to that level, but that is the end goal, a sub 10 second street legal car.

Right now I just want to fix up the body. Get the 454 to 600HP or better. Stiffen up the chassis, gears and maybe mini tub the car if needed.

I got a pro built barely used TH350 with a TCS 3000 stall converter and a B&M Star shifter for $50 (family)

So nice I am a noob when it comes to drag racing other than red light racing I will be hoping to get some advice from those of you who have experience at this.

The motorhome has a TH400 in it, the TH350 was built for 500HP. Reading online the TH400 has many different HP/TQ ratings so I honestly would like some feedback. Sell the TH350 and put that money and converter into the TH400?

I am also unsure what route to take with the 454, I am thinking 13:1 compression, solid or hyd roller cam, intake, headers, and debating on a 496 stroker kit.


go 8-71 blower, or would a 6-71 work at my level?

Also I have a brand new mighty demon 850 from a previous build I just used for break in then sold the motor. I am now thinking that this would be too small for the 454.

So many decisions to make.

Would 600HP get me under 11 seconds with the right tires, gears and suspension/chassis work?

I will post some pics as soon as I get activated on a image hosting site
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