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My step-son and I are starting the zillion-and-one-th LS fox.
I have an '01 4.8L, and a '98 or '99 4L80E.
The 'stang is a hatch, but it's complete, not crashed, not nasty, and it was $500 running.
A few years ago I dropped an LM7 into my '89 hatch, but I never finished it.
Anyway, this is a 300-horse daily driver build, because the 2.3 in it runs so bad that it tops out at 64 MPH, at which point the whole car is shaking. Took me 3 hours to drive it home at 60 MPH.
This build may someday see a power adder, a 3200-stall, a pair of 275/60R15 drag radials, et cetera, but for the next year, it won't.
First is pics, then getting the 2.3/T5 out, then more pics. After it moves under it's own V8 power, next is springs / shocks / big brakes / 5-lug / wide tires, as in 315/35R17x10.5s rear and 17x9s front with maybe 275/40s.
I'm planning to try '95 Crown Vic 11.7" front rotors on the rear, they should fit inside 15" drag wheels, I prefer '84 T/A WS6 rear calipers over the Explorer rear disc setup. Discs with tiny internal drum parking brakes have proven inferior.
Up front, I hope to fab mounts to bolt the 4.8 to the 2.3 K-member, but if that fails, a '96-up K with '95 Cobra R spindles and brakes will match with '96 4.6 mounts, but I'm not buying any adapter plates to attach the 4.6 mounts to the 4.8 block. I have another idea, but if it fails, then I'll fab my own adapter plates.
I have an LS4 intake manifold, and a shaved truck intake manifold. I have a pair of '98 Z28 exhaust manifolds. And I fabbed my own mild steel oilpan. I'll be trying to use all of these.
I have an idea for deleting the trans crossmember, too.
Next year I'll be swapping in an E-Rod LS3, which may eventually get a Turbonetics T76 kit. 614 HP if so.
Pics ASAP.
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