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Hi Hutch
I have a TH400 with an 8"3800 convertor a lot of people are telling me its too small for my application
72 nova
6-71 350sbc 580 horse approx,
9" 3.70s
I am close to finishing the car but will change the convertor if I hear a real good reason that tells me its gonna hold me back

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This is really a loaded question. The 8" converters can be made from very loose to very tight. To say it won't work would be a mistake.
A converter is a torque sensitive device so in your case it may make low stall numbers at low blower overdrive and get higher with more overdrive/ nitrous.

The best bet would be to try it , accumulate data then make changes if necessary. The car is fairly light and I think you should be just fine . After some runs reply to this forum and im sure we can help more.

Hope this helps, Hutch
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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