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Has anyone else had problems with remingtons factory ammo?
the gun is a custom Tim McWorter rifle with muzzle brake, jewel trig. Etc.

I tried level 1 out of 2 boxes. The first box shot fair. 3 shots under 7/8" the second box wouldn't shoot a 3" group at 100. I went and got 4 boxes of their level 3 and couldn't get it to shoot a 10" group.

I called remington and they said send bullets back and of course, it shot 1.19" out of their standard 1.21 and told me to check the gun and possibly try hand loads. I know they have quality control but I pulled a few bullets from the same lot. The bullets were not all 140 and powder ranged up to 14 grains.

I reloaded with some Sierra game king and match grade with imr 7828, They both both grouped sub moa and accubonds with retumbo put two in the same hole with the third stretching the hole. I shot a 3" group at 300 with the accubond but looking forward to getting my Berger bullets to see how it shoots out to 500. I also upgraded to a newer scope. 6-25x56 with the 35mm objective. A fried in sniper school shoots the same mil-dot scope in the military and swears he has shot a sub 6" group at 1000 meters with his a40 so don't believe 10x is all they use. This scope is honestly for the. 338 lapua and any of the bmg's in. 50 caliber.

I sent unused ammo back to Remington and they paid me for all the rounds I returned so kudos to them. I have another project with remington and my stw. I will keep you guys posted and hopefully factory ammo shoots better than it does in my $3k custom rifle.
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