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As posted in electrical dept. I thought I might get other opinions here.

Had a problem with car, car spun bad out of the gate on spray so I lifted.
Step 1 was taking timing out as well as additional timing coming out of a DOT curve.
1st gear was set if RPM dropped 900 RPM it now senses 2nd gear change.
So when I lifted it saw -900 RPM so 7531 seen a gear change so stopped with the timing removal.
Went from 13 degrees timing to 21 , but at 4600 rpm while still in 1st gear.
WAY too much while at this rpm.
So now I want to put a micro switch on the back of the shifter so it now sees a shift not going off rpm.
Do I take the step 3 wire to wire to the box?
Or is there another wire to do this?

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I understand what you are saying. But it should not matter. If you have to lift the run is junk anyway. If you get back into the throttle it should have enough timing out on step one to be safe but maybe not enough for the tires to hook. Thats the concern right?

I know of a way that will start the timing curve over every time you pedal the car. But its not a option in the box.
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