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7531 crank trigger signal

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I've got a 7531 box and I'm having problems with it. I'm wondering if anyone is running a crank trigger setup besides an msd setup. I have a reichard racing crank trigger and pickup. I have no spark when I try to start the car but when I follow the diagnostic sheet to check for spark I have spark. I just got the box back from msd for repair and they said there's nothing wrong with the box. Before I sent it in the car would not idle. It acted like it was on the rev limiter under 1500 rpm but over 1500 rpm it worked fine. Anyone have any ideas? Nick
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we run a moroso, check +- connection setup for the piece your running, also check the rotation of the wheel. if you reverse the msd wheel it changes everything. also check spacing for the pick-up.
do a spark check per msd inst. not likely a bad one out of the box. check the polarity. good luck
also you can just replace the pickup with a spare (borrowed) or purchase an extra. call manf. for the pickup you have to get polarity wire color specs. would try it at .040 check with a feeler guage. double check all specs in tree on the 7531 as well. could also be the coil, seen some weird stuff out of coil issues as of late. last look at rotor button back side. have you checked your phasing lately? at idle and at 3000. if its too far at idle it could be jumping to the term, but as soon as the advance comes in it could correct itself. just some stuff I would check.
now a stupid question, did msd wipe out the programming in the box and have you verified all settings since it's return.probably the same sensor but would still check. sounds like a gremlin got in the car. wonder if a timing retard is activated in the tree, would wipe out all retards and log settings. reset box by leaving power to box on 24hrs. disconnect coil before you do this. it will not harm the box, have to reset the 7530t traction control box the same way.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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