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just wondering wut every 1 thinks about the 700-R4?? i am lookin to put more gear in my car but i still wanna keep it 100% streetable. i am young so i cant afford all of the gas that it would gussel if i put a three speed in it. i am looking to be able to drive to my not so local drag strip and make 10 runs and still be able to drive it home on the same tank of gas. i was thinking about putting in the 700-R4 with either a 3.73 or a 4.10 (note i am planing on using the 7.5 10bolt so 3.90's are not a option) with a 27"-28" tall tire. also i am running a 305 that will hopefully be getting a 100-125 shot of nitrous. so knowing all that info will that tranny be good/strong enough if i build it up and also what converter would u suggest i use (i found that my happy spot right now with the 2.73 gears is around 2200-2500 rpm). if u can help me Hutch this would be greatly apprechiated

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The 700R4 would be a great choice for what your doing and with the 305 you will have great reliability.
To build one properly with a good converter may be a little expensive and fuel economy alone will take quite a few years to pay for itself.

There are numerous converters to choose from, I would suggest something in the 3000+ range with a lockup. That will make the car fun to drive and give give you the economy on the highway.

Hope this helps,Hutch
malibu_mike69 said:
k i am thinking about goin with a ford 9" with a 3.60:1 ratio(richmand gear) i kno that the first gear is real steep and the jump is big as well so thats why i wanted to go with a little steeper gear because of the jump. any thoughts???

Mike ,that sounds like a great combination. Try it out and let us know how it works.

Take care ,Hutch
2 things to check on the 89 trans first. Make sure the TV cable is working , not stuck and not disconnected. If thats ok check the governor gear. If thats ok then its junk.

The 85 will fit but the lockup solenoid will have to be changed from the 89 to the 85 unit and possiblt the speedo arrangement will need work (electronic from cable type).

1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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