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just wondering wut every 1 thinks about the 700-R4?? i am lookin to put more gear in my car but i still wanna keep it 100% streetable. i am young so i cant afford all of the gas that it would gussel if i put a three speed in it. i am looking to be able to drive to my not so local drag strip and make 10 runs and still be able to drive it home on the same tank of gas. i was thinking about putting in the 700-R4 with either a 3.73 or a 4.10 (note i am planing on using the 7.5 10bolt so 3.90's are not a option) with a 27"-28" tall tire. also i am running a 305 that will hopefully be getting a 100-125 shot of nitrous. so knowing all that info will that tranny be good/strong enough if i build it up and also what converter would u suggest i use (i found that my happy spot right now with the 2.73 gears is around 2200-2500 rpm). if u can help me Hutch this would be greatly apprechiated

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Tuff Guy, can you post the ratios of the 700R4? I don't think it makes a difference, but if it does, I'm specifically wondering about the small case (small corporate bolt pattern 2.8, I4).

I'm switching from a T5 to 700R4 for sonsistancy and ability to launch in boost with less shock to the drivetrain.

At this point I'm switching to a 3.42 gear from a 3.73 because my 1st gear was WAY too short, with the T5, so I'd like to make sure that it will be enough gear for the 700.

Re: 700R4 ratios

Tuff Guy said:
1st - 3.06
2nd - 1.62
3rd - 1.00
4th - .70

Hope this helps
Thanks :-D
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