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I have a deck lid with a wing on it off a 68, its on the early pics on web site

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looking for front end fiberglass also doors and deck lid
We have New, "100% Complete"
GlassTek 1969 Camaro Fiberglass Pro Mod bdy.
Includes all pcs front to rear, bumpers built in obviously, and stretched rear whls in mold, and other great features like flushed out windows and moved out sail panels, which all these mods take us over 100+hrs on a steel body 1969, which at $50hr, is $5000 in labor for you or your builder, which you save.

So buying entire body is mathematically free w/money in pocket vs labor to do mods needed for a real racecar.
(Extended 45" overhang w/nice airdam. & uses stock length hood w/extended design).

All body components are compatible with ANY orig steel 1969 Camaro body,
. including doors, deck lid, hood, frontend.

Of coarse the roof and quarters is made as a 1 pcs Fiberglass pcs, (maling construction much easier, as wellas removing bout 50 hrs in labor, vs a steel panel car, and getting it all setup & square, congruent. And filling in aread where roof meet quarters, if you ever built a 69 panel car.
its already got built into it,
stretched wheel openings,
and ( the highly sought after mod of)
rear sail panels moved out so subtlety,
that unless its pointed out in person,
you would likely never realize, that now you can fit a 34.5" or even the newer 36" Hoosier Pro mod tire, or as small as any 10.5 as well. Which also allows car too be lowered much more than sny stock rear quarter panel car ever could, or leave it high up high if you want. You at least have the choice.

We will consider selling just the 45" overhand pro mod style front end, w/69 cowl hood, w/ both 69 doors, 69 decklid,
All in low price of $1999 for all New, very high quality Parts w/ability to properly fit stock steel 1969 shell, [email protected]!

We would be keeping the 1 pc roof/rear quarters for that price of $1999.

ALL These ( bolt on pcs) are designed to fit/ interchange with any and all steel 1969 body shells, as perfectly as the orig. stk steel 1969 Camaro doors & front end/hood.

Hood goes the full cowl length,
(To base if windshield, but can be trimmed in rear, to use a stock, steel cowl panel @ windshield base, thats the exterior vented stk part on steel stk build.

The entire car body, , which is new, & has no holes. or grinding, ever done on it.
All windows are flushed out, fir lexan polycarbonate, & this entire body, sold in crated form, & shipped too you, is over $6000, New from GlassTek.

Thats assuming ur not in 1 of 27 states these days, that charge sales tax as well,
as now these 27 states, & more added every yr, have "interstate sales tax agreements " which can easily add $300/$500 more to a purchase, that you will not be payingforon this purchase.

Too purchase the Entire - Full/Complete,
New 1969 body, can be bought for $3990.

Additional , for a reasonable price addition, we have Avail.
1 complete, New, in box, full set of
""Pro Glass"" (brand all profess. racers use)
Preformed polycarbonate windows,
(@ cost of $1000+ cost new)
priced for $700..still new in box.

Just a purchase of the Pro mod 45" air dam front end, 69 doors, and dzus/pin on decklid, & nothing else, as you requested,
($2400+ New from GlassTek +freight/tax)
Is priced today @ $1999.

Delivery, or meeting somewhere between is a possibility for [email protected] pre negotiatated prices.

WE HAVE open & enclosed transport we use on occasion to move stuff several hundred miles.
Contact us on YB, or email, for pics & too discuss if any of these part's/or all,
can help you get too where you need to be.
( have more pics of doors, deck lids, but we all seen these parts for 69 Camaro 100 x's over ) email for more info or message.
[email protected]


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