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Not sure if I am in the right section but looking to build a 598 BB Chevy that will be running on Ignite E-85

We have a Blower Shop 14-71coming from Good Vibrations
and also a Big and Ugly mech Injection

Looking to run the currant heads we have witch are BMF 405's
We are going to start with 18lbs of boost

Wanted to know what your thoughts were for compression ratio and some cam suggestions

1980 Camaro
6.0 chassis
3050 lbs
33 x 16 x15 slicks
Rosler 2.10 turbo 400
4.10 rear
Planning to run Top sportsman

Thanks in advance

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Cam# R84488-87465-115
281/293 @.050"
.488"/.465" Lobe Lift
115 LSA

I'm not sure on compression with E85. I know it allows more compression then gas, and less then methenol, but I don't know where it falls between the two.
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