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500+whp 1989 Plymouth Colt VIDEO

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One of my buddies just finished up this car, I'm not a big import fan, but there's something about this car I love, I hope you agree :)

Here's the car hitting the streets for the first time
Got pulled over about 3 miles from the shop
Then it was off to the dyno, over 500hp on a Mustang Dyno? Yup!

The Colt goes to the dyno - 1320Video

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its too bad my stock LS1 pretty much has the same torque....
hehehe yeah, typical 4 cylinder :p

Youtube Link -
DSM's don't have a bad rep for no reason heeheh

It seems to all go back to the owner(s) of the car pushing them to hard or being beaten on before you get it though.

Yes, 4G63
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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