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5" dump with 6.5" of room?

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Hi guys anyone done a tight dump pipe like this before,is it possable?
Would it restrict or be too much heat on the bend?
Any idea's...Thanks,

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Ok after looking at it a bit more have decided to turn the turbo a bit to give a smoother exit for the dump pipe.
Thanks for all the replies.
That looks like you have 5-6" at most, the tightest 5" bend I have seen is on a 5" radius but that makes it 7.5" or so to the back of the bend. You will have to cut it and make it work and like Joe said, no aluminum there. I don't think even .120 wall will live.
Yeah your spot on it is a bit over 5" now but the engine is going back another 1.5".
Thanks for all the idea's guys.:)
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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