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5" dump with 6.5" of room?

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Hi guys anyone done a tight dump pipe like this before,is it possable?
Would it restrict or be too much heat on the bend?
Any idea's...Thanks,

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Turn the turbo if you can. Even a few degrees will help greatly.

If you can't turn the turbo get a 5"dia 5"CLR stainless tube and miter/pie cut it like the above pic "63vette" posted. They're usually available in 90deg bends and I have them if you need. Aluminum won't live there very long with high exhaust temps.
Joe, I don't think they make them in 5". That's why we got the mandrel bends.
thank you :) and yes it was 0 fun lol
Yah. A little over 13' of welding on that one dump pipe. No thanks!:rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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