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5.53 on small block, small tires and more on tap !!!

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I went to Nashville this weekend for some small tire schooling. I do believe Mr. Hollingsworth (misp ??) can pop these off " AT WILL " and then he can turn it up !!! Pretty quick for the mph already.

Gerald was in rare form this weekend and keepin the nose down for a change as well but I didn't get any pictures of him, maybe next time.

These guys are going to be a hand full if they come up our way.
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Robert, good meeting you and the gang. I will consider making the changes to my car to make it Jackson legal over the winter if not before and come down your way.

P.S. did I choose my words carefully enough in Geralds case ???
Hey Vern, give me a shout when you get around in the morning, I need another 1.125 Strange master cylinder drop shipped to the house ASAP.

It's okay Doug I will tell everyone that I could not find my ass with both hands and a map this weekend.:smt100 Does not happen often and it will get fixed. Vern I could not go down the track in the 5's " At Will" or any other way.:toimonster:
Too funny !!!!!!!!!
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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