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5.53 on small block, small tires and more on tap !!!

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I went to Nashville this weekend for some small tire schooling. I do believe Mr. Hollingsworth (misp ??) can pop these off " AT WILL " and then he can turn it up !!! Pretty quick for the mph already.

Gerald was in rare form this weekend and keepin the nose down for a change as well but I didn't get any pictures of him, maybe next time.

These guys are going to be a hand full if they come up our way.
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That was a good pass to of been on a .055 jet!!! I was very happy with that but it steadly went down hill from there. Just havent tested any with a bigger setup, so we ended up looking like a monkey trying to mount a football, I think with some testing it will really fly, also the tires have 9 races on them so that didnt help any.

Mr. Hollingsworth your shit is flying.. :supz: Congrats..
Hey is that with a plate or a fogger? forgot to ask.
Hell, GB I havent been able to make it in the 5 since my first outing this year. Thats why my junk is just sittin in the trailer.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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