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4th Gen Camaro mini tub ? on wolf upper spring mount

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Getting ready to mini tub my 98 Camaro later this month, was looking at the Wolf adjustable upper spring mount and have a few questions:

Anyone use these?

Is there room to adjust the spring when the spring is in there or do you have to pull the spring out to make adjustments?

How much more room do I gain for tire clearance?

Am better off keeping the stock style spring?

Thanks for your help
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I have them on my mini tubbed third gen. I can adjust them with the spring in the car, i didnt gain a ton of clearance but it did make a difference, plus its adds a ton of options on spring rate since your just using a coil over spring.

I like mine, i would do it again if i had too.

Thanks for the info, did not think of the spring advantage
Thanks for all the info guys, What are you u guys using for the spring mount on the rear end
^^^ Pefect thanks again guys, going to order them this week
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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