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4th Gen Camaro ABS

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I have a 94 Camaro and I want to get rid of the ABS system. I would like to remove the big proportion box where the ABS plugs in, and install some manaul brakes. What have you done when building a 4th Gen F-Body..........
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Whats a good Master kit to use? Also if I do a
"manual master and custom plumbed the whole system" I don't have to purchase an ABS brake delete kit?
ya don't need that abs delete kit..
I've got a few 4th gens..
you don't need a proportioning valve..especially on the stock master..if keeping the power brakes..
the proportioning is fine without one..

I also have the manual master cylinder (I think the Burkhart kit..)and installed a proprtioning valve thinking I would need it..
I final tuned it and ended up with it opened it all the way you don't need one on it either..

give madman a call..he'll hook ya up if ya want the manual setup..
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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