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Decided to stroke my 468 (will end up with like a 498 ish???)

Heads are the aluminum rectangular port c-ports with the 2.19 valves.

Will be ported out the rest of the way and most likley get ported to D ports.

Intake is a Holley Strip Dominator that will get ported a little more.

Carb is a BG 850 that flows 1,040. I hope I will be able to keep that.

Cam was this

My builder is saying I may be able to go with a Hydraulic roller and still get some nice power.

Has a TH-400 with a 3800 coan stall (stall higher on the bottle), may have to get a restall.

3.73 gear with a 28 inch tall tire.

The compression was 10:1, going to kick that up a bunch.

Car is not driven a lot and mostly short distances, as long as I don't have to worry about the vavletrain every time I fire it up I am happy.

What cams should I look at so when I talk to my builder again I have an idea of what I am looking at? He said since I know the specs on the old cam we can go a little wilder since he will know what I like and don't like. I liked the old cam, loved the sound, made great power for what it was, would not mind going wilder really.

What kind of power should I be able to get. I have been told that around low 600hp range all motor reliable is pretty easy with a 468.

Old motor was shifted at 7k.

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