I have the oil pan off my 2001 Suburban with the 8.1L 496. It does NOT have the hole for the oil level sensor. When I bought the truck the oil level low light was on. Found out the oil pan on it didn't have the hole for the oil level sensor, but my truck had the sensor hanging. I bought a new pan with the hole and the sensor fit, light is off. So now I have the pan I took off with no hole for the sensor. I'm not sure if this is off the late model 454 or what. It has a GM stamp and part number on it.GM 12560248 and 12559764. This would be a great fit for using a 496 in a drag car where you don't use the oil level sensor or any swap. The box will be 24x12x12 to ship this and the weight is 15 lbs. I will ship this, but you must provide a shipping label. I will box and take it to UPS/FedEx, the post office or any other local shipper of your choice. Please do not ask me for a shipping quote. I will not pay the shipper directly. You must pay the shipper of your choice and email/mail me a shipping label. I'm asking $50 for a genuine GM oil pan that has been discontinued. I have looked up those part numbers and see that they are around $109-149, but again discontinued.