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Hello, I was curious as to what people thought of my combo and my ideas for change. What I have is as follows:
468 10:1
990 heads that have some bowl/chamber work and 2.25/1.88s
Dart single plane w/950 QFT carb
2" headers
Crower cam 270/276 @ .050 and .678 .661

The crank and rods (7/16) are stock so I'm afraid to take it much further than 7500rpms.

This is a 6 speed car, so when I take it to the track, ET is not really my focus. I look for MPH more than anything. I want the car to run good at highway speeds, but also it would be nice if it didn't feel like a 2 stroke when the power comes on at 4500. From what I gather, a Victor Jr. would be a better intake, so I plan to change that out at some point. My question is whether changing to the cam listed below will slow the car down. My thought is that I don't have enough compression or rpms for my current cam.

Crower 260/270 @ .050 and .651 .677

One reason I am looking at this cam is that it calls for the same springs the other cam does, and my budget is very tight right now. Should I save my money for a custom, or will the above be a good selection. Any and all comments/ideas are welcome.

Here is what the car ran last week:
60' - 1.90 <-- tires are worn
1/8th - [email protected]
1/4 - [email protected]

I would love to see 130+mph


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something in the 264 278 296 304 625-650 range the rec port heads make power above 6500 you spend more time from 4000 6500 than 6500-7500 a nice set of oval port heads would be a better choice for low comp and mid rpm i have 2 cams for choice both with ovals first is a comp xr286r 286 292 248 254 653 660 9.2w 6.135 rods brodx race rites o port victor jr and 930 makes 610 pump gas 468 69 camaro trimeck w 373 pro street car 11.30s driven to the track. second 296 304 252 264 622 622 w 1.8s 9.2 trw,s GM pp roval ports ported vic jr 850 6.135 rod 3200 lb 67 camaro glide w 4.30 pump gas 11.00 foot brake either u can't shift or your stuff is slow ditch the 990 and meet MR torque <
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