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I have some better specs on what my package will be this year and am still bumping camshaft ideas around. Can some of you guys tell me what you think would be a good match for this combo. I will be running mostly at the track and pretty much always on nitrous. I will be spraying 200-300hp of nitrous. I do cruise it some on the streets and currently the compression is 10.5, but I might be able to bump it to 11+ with some head milling.
Car's weight should be down to 3150 w/driver or maybe a little less.

4.155" bore
6" rods
solid roller cam
Intake is Edelbrock Victor Ram
Running fuel injected with and dry nitrous.

Heads are RHS 235cc heads being done by Chad Speier.
Should have a pinch area of 2.6+in.
Should flow close to:
.200 148
.300 200
.400 252
.500 287
.600 307
.700 321
.800 323

.200 99
.300 133
.400 178
.500 203
.600 220
.700 228
.800 231
He is going to do a little extra work on the exhaust side to to help out with the nitrous. So this might be a little low.

1 7/8" Headers
3 speed Auto trans, have even thought about switching to a glide.
Converter not decided yet. The one I ran this year flashed 4500N/A, 5500N2O. Need to get it tighten this winter.

3.89 rear gear on 275 DR's

This year the cam was 261/267 @ .050, .635 lift, 110LSA, ICL 106. This thing did not like nitrous much. Ran 6.70's @ 101 w/1.42 60ft and 6.30's @108 N2O w/1.35 60ft. It didn't pick up at all over 150hp of nitrous, it was just capped off.

I'm the Corvette in the second pass.!

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Currently, it is (2) 4 barrel throttle bodies with 4 injectors in each one.

This is the old tunnel ram withthe plates and throttle bodies on it. I am changing to the Victor Ram manifold.


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You should be running 108 mph on motor with those parts. I don't know about that injection though. When you say 150 shot of nitrous, what jets etc? I have seen 400's with similar cam specs trap 120+ in heavier cars.
Nice video. That one Mustang with the green flames gets it on!
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