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427 BBC combo's- VegaEddie

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Interested in hearing about your 427 BBC combo's, especially VegaEddies 9.80 set-up. A friend of mine just got his car together and has a 433BBC, mid 80's Cutlas, backhalf with 32" tires, and I think it weighs about 2900ish with driver. Engine has Dart 320's, not sure about the cam, but dynoed about [email protected], dont know about the torque #'s. Engine will go to 6000 against the converter.

Its supposed to have a 5.13 gear in it, but shifts way down track at 7000rpm. At first I thought he might have too tight of a converter, but on his 1st outing(i was not there btw) yesterday, they kept moving the launch rpm up each pass and would see a lil improvement(which indicates too loose of a converter, right?)
. The last pass was up against the converter @ 6000rpm and ran a 6.69 with only a mid 1.50 60'. The other 60's were slower. He said he was at 6000 at the finish line.

Now I think he may have too loose of a converter and not enough gear(like-maybe its not a 5.13 gear) He bought the car rollin' and I dont know if he verified the gear.

What do you guys think?
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.060" over 427, GM crank, Eagle H-beam rods, TRW 13.1 pistons, Lunati .722/.722 solid roller, ported 990 castings, port matched Victor 454R manifold and a 1050 Dominator.

The cam that was in the engine was actually ground for a 500" alky engine and was a bit big for the 427. The lift was OK, but the centerline was too much. A cam in the 268/272 range would have been MUCH more appropriate in this size engine (and probably picked the car up 2-3 tenths). I launched at 5200rpm and shifted at 8000rpm. Car weighed 3040lbs, 8" converter, 'glide, 4.88 gears and 14x32 Hoosiers. IIRC, the best 60ft with this combo was 1.37 or 1.38.
I had the two-step set at 5200rpm, and it really wasn't banging away on the two-step hard at all. 5200 is about as much stall as I was going to get out of that particular converter (and that cam). Again, a tighter centerline would have really helped make more torque and therefore more stall speed.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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