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427 BBC combo's- VegaEddie

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Interested in hearing about your 427 BBC combo's, especially VegaEddies 9.80 set-up. A friend of mine just got his car together and has a 433BBC, mid 80's Cutlas, backhalf with 32" tires, and I think it weighs about 2900ish with driver. Engine has Dart 320's, not sure about the cam, but dynoed about [email protected], dont know about the torque #'s. Engine will go to 6000 against the converter.

Its supposed to have a 5.13 gear in it, but shifts way down track at 7000rpm. At first I thought he might have too tight of a converter, but on his 1st outing(i was not there btw) yesterday, they kept moving the launch rpm up each pass and would see a lil improvement(which indicates too loose of a converter, right?)
. The last pass was up against the converter @ 6000rpm and ran a 6.69 with only a mid 1.50 60'. The other 60's were slower. He said he was at 6000 at the finish line.

Now I think he may have too loose of a converter and not enough gear(like-maybe its not a 5.13 gear) He bought the car rollin' and I dont know if he verified the gear.

What do you guys think?
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Now that I'm home I'll list it. 427 +.100"=447

13.5-1 Venolia pistons on +.100 longer Carillo steel rods and stock crank. .680/.680 lift Comp Cams roller cam. Sorry I can't be more specific it was over 20 years ago. Chevy D port aluminum heads with a holley strip dominator and an 850. This was in a back halved 68 nova. The car had a powerglide and a Transmission Specialties spragless converter. Leaving at 3500 it went consistant mid 1.30's in 60' with a 1.32 best at Atco with a 9.65 best. Like I said in the other post, this was a 14X32 Firestone tire on 12" wheels, with 5.13 gears shifting at 7500 and crossing around 8000.
If I remember it was supposed to be 5500 on the converter, but my father never checked the true stall. He wasn't concerned because he said the car left the same at 3500 or 5000, so he left lower. But then there were no 2 steps. He would bring it to 3500 on the transbrake and then punch it when he let the button go.
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