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New guy here.....great site!! I am currenty debating on doing a blow thru setup on my small block chev. Wanted to get some feedback on weather or not it was a good idea with my current motor setup which consits of the following:

400 Block (2 Bolt)
Stock Crank
5.7 Rods
Forged Piston
All ARP bolts in bottom end
Cast Iron Dart Head
Bowtie Intake
Solid Roller Cam
10.5 Compression (Roughly)

This Motor is curenty setup for spray (200 shot) and to be honest Im looking to try someting new (turbo). I recenty came across "quick79's" car and basically going to build a similar setup. Im a little worried with what my bottom end will handle. I want to run an S400 with an intercooler. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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With good gas and mild boost and a very conservative tuneup it could live a fiarly long happy life. I would step up some of the lower end parts. The compression seems a bit high for an Iron headed motor but with good fuel should not pose to much of an issue.
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