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I have a 94 Ford lightning. It has a 351 windsor with the GT40 heads and intake on it. I changed the cam and it has about .500 lift. Its a lil below .500 on the intake and a lil over on the exhaust. The entire engine is stock. I currently have a Wilson Manifolds NPF solenoids and single nozzle in the cold air intake. I have it set up a 125 shot. I had the engine up to 14 degrees initial timing and backed it down to 11 initial. I run VP C12 in it. I also have the Autolite racing plugs that are 2heat ranges colder than stock. Do any of you guys have a reccomended plug for this thing such as a denso or NGK iridium ones? Also am i being to cautious with the timing? Iam kinda going by what is reccomended for pump gas.

Any opinions would be helpful. This is my second one of these trucks my other one doesnt see the street much its alot healthier than this one and the engine is alot stronger. Dont wanna kill this one just yet. LOL
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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