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.308 Sig Cross, Muzzle Brake Try out....

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So I purchased a Sig Cross in .308 with a 16" barrel for target shooting. I put about 8 rounds thru it without the muzzle brake and didn't mind it.

I purchased a muzzle brake and installed it.

Well, I actually did not like the results. It looks cool. But on the bench, I could not stay on target after the trigger pull...It always jumped back and left. I was not expecting this. All reviews said otherwise.

Then I looked at all the other reviews, and all of them listed had good reviews.

But that is not the worst of it. The muzzle blast itself, even being right behind it, caught me as well. Granted, most of it was to the sides, but I was still feeling it, and I found I did not like it.

So it not only did not stop the recoil as effectively as I thought it would, but it also got me with some of it.

I am not going to buy ever style out there to find what I like on a short rifle.....What do you guys like the best short of a suppressor.
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I’m using the Area 419 Hellfire brake on my 6mm Dasher. Seems to work fine and the rifle moves straight back.
Bigswede makes a good point. My friend Glen uses an Ultradyne on one of his ARs he uses on match day. It makes a hell of a blast 💥 The barrel on my Dasher is 28 inches long so that makes it easier to take.
I was wrong, Glen told me yesterday he has a Hypertap and it does what 65stick says, a lot of blast but the gun doesn’t move. It’s on a 6.5 Grendel.
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