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I have a 302 based engine. It is a mexican block. I have a main girdle on it and forged internals. I know of the limitations of a stock standard 302 block but whats the limit with this combination? I was wanting to run 8.5 limited and already knew I was taking a knife to a gunfight but If I can keep from scattering parts everywhere that would be great. The engine dynoed at 640hp before the heads were ported so is it tapped out or can I spray a little bit? Thanks for any help.
At 640 + HP and that block you will have "rod windows" very quickly.
After you get the "rod windows" all you will need is a scoop shovel and a 55 galllon drum to clean up the big mess.
PS. Don't forget a good supply of kitty litter.:)
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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