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thanks adam & nate. and thanks john sears for lining it all up.

at piedmont dragway may 28th. (ONLY)




Must have working headlights, tail lights, Stock appearing interior, carpet, door panels, factory
"type" dash, stock floor pans, stock firewall.
single seat ok.
Lexan permitted must be neat in appearance.
forward facing hood scoops and rear wings ok.
fiberglass limited to hood and decklid or hatch only.

No wheelie bars or 4 link suspension.
must have stock type suspension with factory frame rail or ladder bar with factory frame rail.
Coil overs and anti roll ok.

-Maximum rear tire size allowed is 275/60-15 designation.
these radial sizes are equivalent to a 275 >
Size /wheel Size/ Equivalent
P275/60R15 /15"/ 28 X 11.50R15
P295/50R16 /16"/ 28X11.50R16
P295/45R17 /17"/ 28X11.50R17
Tire must be used as intended from manufacturer. No alterations

Single type power adder only.
no multi stages.
no splitting of foggers or controlling nos flow electronically in any way. must use wot or toggle switch.
1 nos bottle in car.
no foggers on bb
double cross bar plates allowed.
nos sb max .082 jet on plate and max .026 on fogger
nos bb max .068 jet on plate
Nitrous entries maximum jetting
Small block, 6cyl and 4cyl
1 jet - .082
2 jets - .057
4 jets - .035
6 jets - .030
8 jets - .026

no billett wheels allowed
max turbo size 76mm measured tip to tip. (no reducers allowed to achieve this size !!!!) no clipped wheels !!!!!!
max s/c sizes D1,V7,JT,NOVI 2000,KB 3.6
no boosted bb engines
air to air intercooler OR water meth injection with gas only. ( may not use both together)
air to water allowed with weight penalty . (see weights for description)

must have mufflers on all entries except turbo cars.

maximum cid limit : sb 427 / bb 525 with stock deck height.
4150 carbs only
23*chevy, 20*ford, 18*mopar, 15*ls, on sb only
mod motors ok, twisted wedge heads ok , (twisted wedge R heads ok with weight penalty, see weight for description)
bb heads are conventional style only with factory valve angles.
buick, pontiac,olds combos can run at sb weight (nos or n/a only)
no sheetmetal intakes.
no dry sump oil systems.
no clutchless type transmissions.

pump gas , race gas , e85 ok

ignition boxes limited to standard type 6 series only.
no slew, no traction control, no boost controller, no nos controller .
msd 6530 permitted on all combos.
add on boost reference timing retard boxes allowed.
digiset allowed on plate only.
piggy back ok .
stand alone efi fast or bs3 ok with weight penalty. (see weight for description)

4cyl - turbo, nos, or s/c 2800
v6 - nos 2950
sb n/a - 2750
sb nos - 3150 (see nos for allowed combos)
sb & 6cyl boosted 3250 ( see forced induction for allowed combos)
bb n/a 3000
bb nos 3300 (no foggers)

deduct 50lbs for 70mm and smaller turbo or s/c listed in forced induction.
deduct 50lbs non intercooled
deduct 50lbs on sb with cast iron heads.

add 100lbs for a/w intercooler
add 50lbs for twisted wedge R heads
add 50lbs for stand alone efi (fast & bs3)

entry fee:

payout: (paid by mac-fab performance beadlocks, ndrra, piedmont dragway)
$500.00 to win and 1pair of GOODYEAR 275's if running decal and win on goodyear tires.
$200.00 runner-up
$50.00 semis

#1 qualifier $50.00 (paid by fastlane motorsports)

looking for more sponsors for this class at this event .

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how do these rules compare to john sears rules?

i ask cause Nate's Ultimate outlaw race runs johns rules and will be at piedmont. Hoping some guys can do both races
B, the guys that run 275RS run 5.50 - 6.0 for the most part, they run with Mike's series inconjuction with X275. Plenty of cars to go around for each class in that area.

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It would be cool to try and run these at all the ultimate outlaw races ...including milan...but why the 525 bbc limit ...540/555/565 is so common at the tracks seems your excluding tons of cars ...hell very few people build under a 540 unless is to class like NMCA ...just asking the question...or is there a weight penality for being over ??? I could run both as my combo is a 555 with a plate...

Smoke Em if you got Em
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I loved this class at Civil wars, Bring on the FearMONT!

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Is there any kind of cubic inch limits on 4 cylinder entries?

Are the trickflow LS heads not legal since they are not 15 degree?

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He'll yeah guys! Can't wait to check out this additional 275 class. How many of you are going to try to run both classes?

Mike Case
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Is there any kind of cubic inch limits on 4 cylinder entries?

Are the trickflow LS heads not legal since they are not 15 degree?
all ls heads must be 15* . no ci limit on 4cyl entry.

harleyman , the bb ci limit is not just chevy , its all bb IE: FORD ,CHEVY, MOPAR. that ci limit will stand at this time. i'd like to keep the rules the same for the remainder of the year. unless something drastic happens. thanks.

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