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2019 Liberty’s Gears No ET news!

The 2019 race season is quickly coming together and it’s looking to be the most exciting season yet.

Detroithoodtv will be working hand in hand with Milan Dragway for the 2019 race season. As many of you know we’ve already been working together and putting on some cool winter races for the first time in the Dragway’s history!

Detroithoodtv brings a whole team of people to the table with them: Detroithoodtv Mike, Ride or Die JR, Ride or Die Tony and last but not least Ride or Die Vontae. With sponsors behind them like VP Racing Fuels, Vector Motorsports, Rucci Wheels, Whipgame Ent and more.

This year the Liberty’s Gears No ET races from May-October are scheduled for the day after our Aeroquip Heads Up races. For these events Total Venue Concepts will be staying over from the Heads Up event and prepping the track for the No ET races. We will also be hosting a Run What You Brung Shootout at each of those No ET events that include class cars. This means that the Head’s Up racers can race an additional day. This will bring a lot of Grudge vs Heads Up excitement to these events.

Liberty’s Gears No ET dates are:
May 4th, June 8th, July 6th, August 3rd, September 7th, October 5th and November 2nd.

We will continue to do the 2 bigger No ET events in May and August those dates are:
May 25th The Throwdown in Motown
August 23rd and 24th Doomsday in the D
More details to come.

This year we have added something new to the schedule with the help of Detroithoodtv we will be offering a once a month No Prep race with the gates opening at 7pm on track at 8pm and running until late. This will be very similar to street racing with no prep at all. These races will be a “pour your own puddle” and arm drop start, chase is a race, finish man calls the race.

The dates for the No Prep races are:
April 26, May 24, June 21, July 19, August 9, September 27, October 18 and November 22

We look forward to all the excitement that will be coming our way in the 2019 race season. Ohhh and some crazy, fast out of this World racing!

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