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Here's a set you could use and maybe just what your looking for. A few tweaks to make things a little easier for tech and off you go.

*Commercial Race Gasoline only: No Nitro, No Alcohol

(Vehicle Minimum Weights)

1. SB N/A 23 degree/stock valve angle 2600
2. SB N/A: 15/18 degree 2800
2. SB Nitrous, Turbo, or Blower stock valve angle: 3000 and non stock valve angle : 3100
3. Canted Valve SB and BB N/A: 3100
4. ** SB Power Adder limited to Inline Valve Heads Only
5. ** BB N/A Combos limited to Conventional Style Heads
6. ** Cleveland Style Heads must be used on Cleveland Block

Mafia Motorsports Real Street @ Sunshine Races.. Rule Addition

For the Sunshine Real Street Races.. Big blocks can use single stage/spray bar plate with 1 single NOS brand power shot ,or super power shot nitrous solenoid. Any fuel solenoid is allowed. Weight is 3400#, any 275 drag radial, and conventional cylinder heads only. Hopefully this will help get the car count were we need it to be.

After May 3rd engine diaper, and competition license will be required


(Nitrous Specifications)

1. Single Stage/Plate system only with a maximum of one nitrous, one fuel, and one purge solenoid. Each solenoid is permitted a single orifice. Plate systems limited to 1 nitrous spray bar and one fuel spray bar, purge must exit engine compartment. Plate must not be permanent part of the intake or use fogger nozzles.
2. Progressive systems permitted and are allowed one additional solenoid for progressive operation only, must be inline. EFI systems are required to use a single nitrous nozzle which injects nitrous oxide into the engine prior to the throttle blade.
3. Fogger Systems or (2) Stage NOS Prohibited. These systems must be removed or disconnected/capped prior to and during the race. Failure to do so will result in DQ.

(Blower Specifications)

1. Vortech: YSI, T-Trim, S-Trim – or any model of lesser rating
2. ProCharger: F1(Non “R”), D1/D1SC - or any model of lesser rating
3. Reverse rotation /forward facing blowers permitted on Ford Modular/LSI applications only. Blower inlet air source must originate from within the engine bay.

(Turbo Specifications)

1. Maximum size of 76MM Small Frame. Boost Controllers Permitted
2. Forward facing Turbo prohibited. Turbo inlet air source must originate from within the engine bay

(Tire Specifications – Listed Sizes/Models Only)

1. P275/60/50/45 M/T, BFG, HOOSIER, Nitto or Goodyear Radial Only 100lb break for BFG
2. 28 X 11.50LT – Street Slicks 100lb weight added (Mickey Thompson, Hoosier Quick Time/Pro)
3. ** SB/BB NA (Only) may use any type of Radial or 28X10.5 non-w slick

(Rear Suspension – Stock Type Only w/Coil Over Okay)

1. Split Mono or Multi Leaf permitted - NO Half Leaf/Coil Over
2. Factory Length Torque Arm on 3rd/4th Generation F-body and GNX permitted
3. Rear Control arm mounting points + or - 1 inch
4. Slapper Bars/Cal Trac/Smith Trax/Slide-a-Links permitted
5. Mini Tubs/Tubs permitted
6. Shocks must be stand alone and may not be adjustable or monitored during run via electronic and/or other means. Electronic programmable shocks prohibited.

(Front suspension – Stock Type w/Coil Over Okay)

1. After market K member/sub frame okay
2. Use of spindle mount wheels prohibited

(General Specifications)

1. Mufflers required on all combinations
2. Lexan Permitted. Fiberglass Allowed: Hood, Rear Deck Lid, FR/RR Bumpers
3. Carbon fiber panels limited to hood only
4. Factory Style Dash/Interior
5. No Wheelie Bars
6. N/A combos are prohibited from using any type of Power Adder.
7. Each event winner must immediately pass a vehicle review/tech/weight check prior to returning to the pits and before receiving the event purse.
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