2000+ HP Capable Rollerized ATI Turbo 400 SuperCase and Bellhousing. Has 9/22 SFI
Hughes Pro Series dump valve system. 7-7-5 Clutch setup. Brand New GM Pump cover.
New Coan Billet Aluminum Protree Transbrake VB 1st or 2nd leave. HD Straight Cut Gears

New ATI TH400 SuperCase and ATI Chevy Bellhousing. 9/22 SFI dates. Supercases come with a roller case bearing (1) and a large rear bearing (1). I machined to add 4 more bearings and with the factory 3, That’s a Total of 9 Rollerbearings. This is a Low drag, low Friction built Unit. New Sonnax lightweight billet steel forward drum with a solid 300M shaft. Coan Billet steel forward and direct pressure plates. BTE Pro Mod 36 Element sprag direct drum. HD Coan 300M main shaft and GM heavy duty straight cut output gears. Solid HD output shaft. New GM front pump assy with Teflon pump bushing and new GM HD front seal. ALL 9 roller bearings are Brand New. TCI Kevlar rear band.

Hughes Pro Series Dump Valve System:
The Hughes recommended modifications to the pump and full time lube were done to the pump. Keeps the lube circuit with good fluid flow even when the dump valve is open for any length of time. The Hughes dump valve mounting bracket has an extra support welded on to stiffen it up. I replaced all the dump valve aluminum line fittings it came with for Steel ones and added a better 6an HD hydraulic hose lines with New Steel fittings to avoid any cracks or leaks. Cooler circuit pressure can be monitored with the Hughes 1/4"npt to a 3an fitting on the upper case fitting. Gauge and line are included along with the 3an cap. Cooler line pressure should be around 70-90 psi Closed, and when the dump valve is activated, should drop way down. The 6an dump valve return line fitting is installed into the case where ATI recommended. It is tapped for a restrictor setscrew to thread into it. It controls how much pressure drop will occur. If you need more, you can change the restrictor size larger or smaller to achieve your desired dump pressure when the valve is open. Its above the fluid level there, So no mess when changing the restrictor size. Easy to change with an allen wrench. There are 5 different size restrictors that come with this unit. They range from .130-.170 in increments of .010. It will have a .140 in it to start with. I have opened up the cooler feed hole in the stator tube, did internal port work on the outflow passage port and with No front stator bushing you will have much more flow when using this High Flow Pro Series dump valve for Staging. Turbo guys NEED this feature.

The front half of this pump is a BRAND New GM pump assy. Came with New GM hardened Pump gears. I added a Teflon coated pump bushing and put in a new GM HD front oil seal. Both front and back halves were ported. The pump has a Sonnax Hardened Stator support shaft. The pump surface and back were then machined flat and true to the new stator shaft (90*). Then the pumps Rollerbearing surface was machined true and for clearance. Has a Coan Fixed line pressure assy with their HD pressure regulator spring. Coan uses an aluminum cup instead of the booster sleeve on that end. Should produce around +-210 psi. That's a Good operating pressure for Transbrake operation and Clutch apply. Any more can rob power. 2 Special alloy steel sealing rings installed after the rollerbearing was put into place on the pump. Pump has a .110 restrictor in the converter charge circuit to help control internal convertor pressure. No forward stator bushing is installed. The Torque convertor you use should have a bushing in IT. Most good convertors are made that way now.

Forward Drum:
New Sonnax billet steel drum, Solid 300M shaft and a Coan billet steel pressure plate (Nice piece). The drum is a lightweight billet steel drum with aluminum fill spacer and a Sonnax Solid 300M shaft. No holes in it at all. Lube circuit uses the 4 deeper slots in the drum to get past it to the rest of that circuit. New Coan Billet Steel forward pressure plate. Very Nice Piece. Coan HD 4140 Steel input hub machined for the rollerbearing clearance to the direct drum. The billet steel drum, billet steel pressure plate and a solid 300M shaft is why this unit can handle 2000+ hp. Even with larger splines, cast iron drums can break past 1500hp. Billet Aluminum piston and clutch clearances set. This Drum has 7 Alto Red Clutches and 7 Raybestos steels.

Direct Drum:
New BTE half Aluminum / half Billet Steel Pro Mod drum with a 36 element supersprag assembly. ***Fantastic piece. The sun shaft splines, Inner sprag race and the sealing rings are on metal now. No aluminum fatique issues here. The Outer shell is Anodized hard aluminum. sealed and clamped to the inner billet steel center.
I use this drum in all my 1500 and up units now. Rated at 3000 hp by BTE. The drum is drilled with a .052 hole and has the Coan Transbrake Springs installed. It has 7 Raybestos .061 Red HP Grooved Clutches and 7-.077 Kolene steels in this clutch pack. New Coan Billet aluminum Piston machined flat for the clutch clearance I like. Coan Billet Steel pressure plate. You will have to adjust your delay box for the quicker release times so you don't red light.

2nd Gear:
The BTE Direct Drum comes with a 5 Clutch intermediate setup and a Billet steel intermediate pressure plate. ATI supplied HD Snap ring is installed to secure it in place. These ATI supercases have Full lug support. With 5 clutches and the oversized intermediate piston, 2nd gear will have a lot more holding power.

Center Support:
The CS has a 10% oversized Billet aluminum piston and machined for a Large Rollerbearing so the direct drum can ride on it instead of that load being transferred to the rear planetaries. Works Fantastic and frees up HP, especially on the launch. Hope your Driver’s seat is strapped down! The CS was internally ported for quicker direct clutch Feed and Release times. New Clevite bushing that was pressed in and then checked so the sun shaft spins free. It is also machined for an ATI bronze stabilizer bushing to fit perfectly to this BTE direct drum. That helps the Direct drum stay centered and to avoid any drum wobble at higher RPM's. Great trick. Every unit I build now gets this now. The centersupport was portmatched to the Direct feed hole in the ATI case. It has 2 more special alloy steel sealing rings installed for the Direct apply circuit. I put a New GM steel ring on the bottom for the sprag lube circuit.

Output Assembly:
The Intermediate (Main) shaft in the output assembly is a New Coan 300M heat treated main shaft. GM Straight Cut HD planetaries. This is a low mileage, Excellent condition set. And a Solid GM Hardened output shaft. GM Output Gear ratios are 2.48-1.48-1.00 to 1. The Reaction carrier was lightened and machined for a rollerbearing to fit between it and the output carrier. New Bronze washer installed behind the centersupport to reaction carrier. New Borg Warner Low Roller clutch in reaction carrier and a new TCI Kevlar rear band. New HD Aluminum tailhousing that is the bushing type.

Rear Accumulator:
Excellent Rear accumulator piston with New GM accumulator seal. The Coan 1-2 accumulator Release spring was deburred and installed. I clearanced it so the band has very little drag on the reaction carrier. Pushing the car is easier.

1+2 Transbrake:
New Coan 1+2 billet aluminum ProTree transbrake valvebody with internal solenoid. You will have 1st or 2nd Gear leave capability. Just hook up the 12V transbrake wire to the spade connector on side of case and your good to go.
Can be made 1st gear Transbrake only with a manual valve changed on the valvebody. Coan has the 1st only manual valve if that is what you wanted.

All output planetary gears were pre-lubed before assembly and the clutches and band were soaked for at least 2 days before I put this together. All of my clearances were triple checked. The New roller bearings were pre-lubed and all the bushings were coated with transmission assembly lube before it was assembled. All three clutch packs were air checked after assembly for proper operation. The Kevlar rear band apply servo was also air checked for operation. New Hughes Pan Kit with a High Flow screen filter and deep pickup tube was put in with 2 o-rings. 6AN Cooler return fitting was added to pan that had a 3/16 thick piece of aluminum welded in for strength for the steel fitting. Like building Motors, You have to use the right parts with the proper clearances to make these work together. It’s all about the right combination.

I only build TH400's. I have been building these 1 at a time for fellow racers and Friends for over 40 years. Its their word of mouth is why their friends and fellow racers want one after they see how it works for him. Years of Drag Racing and my years of actual racing experience building these has taught me how to make these Fly! I hope you have a Strong Rearend. Pics are of this unit I Just built. You see EXACTLY what you are getting. It was Not raced and rebuilt.

There are a lot of brand new $$$ parts and custom made parts installed in this as you can see. Over $2K for the case assy, $1k each Drum (2), $800 vb, $800 dump assy with steel lines, $500 pressure plates, $300 300M main, $500 straight cuts, $200 pan, $500 Built pump and $400 centersupport, $ machine work, etc... adds up quick. This is Well worth it.

$8800.00 With the Hughes Pro Series Dump valve assy. No Core Needed.

No Texting, I will reply with Sold! Found only scammers text. I will answer my phone if you call.