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After 10 months of converting my Outlaw Super Stock NOS Chevelle to a F3 blow thru set up, with only being able to test a half a dozen times in 5 months finally all the hard work has paid off for me. I couldn't have done it without the help of...

My wife Mary, Daughters Nicole and Amy,
Pat Webb - #1 Webb boy,
Tim Oros - Mr. Wonderful Motorsports
Dennis Hollas - President of the Midwest Super Stock Mafia,
J.W from VSI,
Terry - Converter King,
Dave - Performance Transmissions,
Dean - DRC Transmissions,
Hollis Jones, Mark Jones and Mike Jones,
Priola Racing & J&M Auto Repair,
Bradco Converters,
Steve Morris - New Era,
Scott & Tommy from Midwest Engine Tech,
Jimmy Lopez - J-LO Race engines,
Dennis - High Speed Welding,
Rodger - Owner of C&S Carbs,
Frank Podlogar,
Armando - VFN fiberglass,
Jerry the Greek from Deuces Villa Park,
Steve - Sooperlube of Villa Park

AND a very special thank you to Dave W. from ProCharger for all the help and support with mine and my daughter Nicole's car.

For next year I plan to break into the 6's with all the help from these great people I should have no problem. Thank you again for making this possible.
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