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$2500 Roller 4D Caprice Drag Car
1. TH-400 Manual Valve body (No torque converter) Cheetah SCS Shifter. Drive shaft loop.
2. 11.50 rollbar with swing outs. Full Interior clean no carpet, headliner new (rear seat available)
2. 8.5" 10 Bolt 3.42 Gears with Truetrac, Hotchkis Upper and Lower Control Arms, Rear is from '95 Caprice, Full disk brakes,
3. NO MOTOR, Setup for BBC. Digital MSD.
4. BBC Headers, exhaust dumps.
5. Fuel system external fuel pump and sump in gas tank.
Located in Long Island, West Islip, NY
Car has rust though not extreme. Frame and Body are strong. It's heavy 4286lbs with driver. With a 600HP motor fastest it ever went was 11.10 at about 123mph.
Naturally aspirated BBC fits UNDER stock hood, even have room for a small spacer with carb. Fits a tall 10" Slick or a well backspaced larger Drag Radial. Smooth ride goes straight at the track except on the coldest least traction days.
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