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$11k OBO. Original AZ car. Two owner. Was 350 2 barrel with Jetaway trans. 2.78 non Posi O 12 bolt. 98k original miles. Hardtop. Extremely solid car. Both front fenders have rust holes in bottom , but an easy fix. Everything else floors, doors, trunk, frame, rear window, decklid have zero rot or repair from rust. This would be a very easy repaint due to basically zero body work. Original white with Teal interior. Painted Pearl white years ago. Original air car that still works. Power drum brakes, Power steering. Right now after messing with jetting and variable timing I set in distributor its getting 13 miles to the gallon. This has been my daily driver for 3 months now. Headliner is nice with only separation near front window. Back seat is nice. Front seat has good upholstery, but bad springs. Carpet is shot. Everything works on car except clock, it has a mind of its own. Works for a minute hear and there. When I think of more I will add.

New items 2300 miles ago
4 Goodrich tires
3 core radiator
fan belts
7111 polished Edelbrock intake
Edelbrock 800 CFM
Edelbrock performer cam.
Edelbrock Lifters
Comp Cams valve springs
Comp Spring Retainers and keepers
Valve seals
Comp Pushrods
Adjustable rockers
HEI Progressive Distributor.( I love it)
U joints
Walker Exhaust. Sounds very nice in back but not a drown in car.
12 inch rear view mirror
Autometer liquid filled Water Temp and Oil pressure
New bucket seat backs in white
New doors seals
Seal between 2 side widows.
1970 Monte Carlo Dual snorkel Air Cleaner

Repro 442 taillights
Trunk mat
2 cans of aerosol trunk paint
8 inch Dual diaphragm master cylinder
1 inch rear sway bar. Has not arrived from seller yet
MSD 8.8 Wires

68 Bucket Seats stripped down with nice springs and tracks.
Seat skirts
Aluminum rear 4 link control arms. Uppers are adjustable.
Passenger side vent window. Some pitting.
1973 complete 455 and T400. Cant remember if short or long tail shaft
2 fiberglass front fenders
Fiberglass decklid
Aluminum core support.


Just started with a rod knock. I drive it everyday still and holds 60 psi running down highway.
The rear main rope seal started leaking bad and made for knock.
Front torque converter seal leaks on trans. Not bad. Trans surprisingly works perfect.
I run the car 70 MPH and cruises very nice.
Cracked Windshield
Driver vent window has broken hinge and is secured in place. Have not found 1 yet

The goal was to rebuild 455 a T400 and install, but I dont have the time to build 1 ASAP to swap over. Rod knock killed my ideas

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