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I'm wondering if you guys could help me out on my 1/8 mile drag car. The car is a 1965 chevelle 3070 w/driver. It's an old racecar that's been sitting for a long time (27 years). I had it out a few times in the past few years, but never got it to work like I felt it should. The specs are as Follows:
New rebuilt suspension
Santhuff 180 lb springs
Calvert 90/10 shocks
Global west del a lum bushings in upper/lower control arms
Global west offset control arm shafts.
Welded in suspension limiters
12 bolt Chevy narrowed
6.14 gear
32x14 Hoosier slicks
4 link
Strange 3 way adjustable shocks
Panhard bar
Qa1 heim joints.
355 sbc making around 420 hp
Powerglide 5200 stall 1.82 1st gear.
Car last trapped 92 mph 7.44 et 1.61 60 ft on very worn suspension. (basically every wear part front and back)

If I remember correctly the car had a 42 in instant center and 1 degree pinion angle. Is this where I should start again or try something else. I will get a map of 4 link this Friday, trying to race Sunday. Any advice? Thanks
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