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I know this might not be the appropriate area for this question but I thought it would get the most hits in here! :D

I am going to be running the OSCA S/E class this upcoming season and I am going to have to bolt a set of these small 10.5W tires on my car for the first time! :p

I am wondering what width Weld Draglite rim I should buy to run a 29.5/10.5W on. I currently have 14" rims for my 32/14.5Ws and am thinking of purchasing a set of 12" wide rims for the 10.5s. I want to use the width to get the most contact patch out of the tire and keep them lookin as wide as possible.

What width rims do you guys run with your 10.5Ws?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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