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$10.00/Gallon Gas in Canada

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There is a "rumour" that fuel in Chatam/Strathroy area has went to $2.50 a litre, $10.00 a US gallon. Has cause some concerns up here. I have been online checking prices as it doesn't show as yet. But it does show a $3.00 per liter ($12.00 gallon) in Sudbury. Just a heads up if this thing in Texas is serious. John 8)

You can check the Onyario prices here:
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Chit who would be?? The good old USA is next. I am going home to get a old 55 gal. VP drum and filling it up. Prices are sure not to go down any time soon.
I just hurd that if Rita hits the part of Texas with all the oil well we could see gas at $4.00 a gal. :shock:
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