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Just got another project its a 02 Camaro SS with only 39K! Currently has a on3 kit on it

This car will be getting

LS2 fully forged

K1 rods and crank

Wiseco pistons

Slp pump chain etc

Custom cam

Afr 225 heads

PAC springs with morel lifters

Yella terra dual adjustable rockers

Ported super Vic intake

9.7:1 comp ratio


Garett GTX 4202R with tial exhaust housing

Tial wastegates and blowoff

Boost Leash Controller

Aquamist Meth Kit

There's plenty more and we will be updating with all the custom work to be done but this car will be an animal and he plans on keeping the T56 in there along with a stage 5 monster clutch. Should be a lot of fun on the street!


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Looking forward to seeing some more good work Doug.
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