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  1. Transmissions & Transmission Parts
    Pro Built TH400, 5600 Stall, Flexplate Super Shield, Reverse Valve Body, Transbrake. This Transmission was in a 9 second 1/4 mile Cuda and rated for 1000 HP. Shifter will go with it. Actually, the trans is still in the car, I have not had the time to take it out. Reach out if interested. Also...
    $3,800 USD
  2. Transmission - Hutch's Transmission Service
    I have a 78 Malibu street/strip car. I sold my powerglide and placed it with a fresh rebuilt turbo400 with pro brake. I sent my non PTC converter to PTC and ended up opting to replace the entire converter for one of their converters. I finally install everything and the car idled great then all...
  3. Transmission - Hutch's Transmission Service
    Hey everyone, first time posting here. Does anyone know if you could use a Wave plate in place of a dished cushion plate? I have the late style pistons with the narrow work surface that originally used the dished cushion plate. The rebuild kit I ordered came with wave plates, so I'd just like...
  4. Transmission - Hutch's Transmission Service
    In need of some troubleshooting advice for the problem I'm having with my TH400. Here's a list of mods and the current symptoms. Appreciate the help! -Stock Th400 case -CK Performance RMVB 1st gear transbrake -4L80E Direct Drum w/ 34 element sprag -Dual feed mod with bleed hole in direct drum...
1-4 of 4 Results