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  1. SBF 440 CI rotator - GRP, Lunati, CP

    Engines & Engine Parts
    Complete 440 CI rotating assembly for Small Block Ford. Lunati pro/signature series forged 4.00" stroke crankshaft, 2.100" Rod journal, 2.750" Main Journal diameter. Passed magnaflux, 0 run out. GRP 1100 pro aluminum rods, 6.3", 511 grams CP custom forged pistons 4.185 bore, 438 grams. 1.5 CC...
  2. 1992 Ford Mustang Hatch 25-5 with vin and title light stock suspension

    Very nicely built chromoly big welded cage. Car had a sbf and power glide in it and weighed 2700 lbs with a fat man. aerospace brakes front and rear 9" rear end with 410 gear 35 spline axles aluminum center section wheelie bars Aluminum wing and parachute Thru the floor subframe connectors UPR...