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  1. Engines & Engine Parts
    BES built x275 420" sbf Edelbrock Glidden victor sc1s flow 470cfm+ 4.145 bore filled aluminum 9.2 Fontana block 3.900 billet crank Aluminum rods 55mm camshaft spec for blower. No intake manifold Moroso fab pan 0 passes since fresh from BES with receipts for 10k in new parts...
    $29,000 USD
  2. Turbo Charged
    - BLUF: looking for A/R choice on a build that will primarily be steet, see the track maybe 5-6 times a year. Turbos in mind- borg s362 .68 turbine / garrett gtw3884 62mm / hell maybe VS 6262 knock offs (all jounal bearing) I keep seeing .81; .88, .96, and 1.0. Wastegate- JGS400 40mm Bov- most...
  3. Ford Builds
    I have a innovators west cam belt drive system and trying to figure out the best way to adjust the deflection on the belt. My first attempt i think i had to tight and caused a whine sound as the engine got warmer. Im rookie to this stuff but i want to learn.
  4. Engines & Engine Parts
    Complete 440 CI rotating assembly for Small Block Ford. Lunati pro/signature series forged 4.00" stroke crankshaft, 2.100" Rod journal, 2.750" Main Journal diameter. Passed magnaflux, 0 run out. GRP 1100 pro aluminum rods, 6.3", 511 grams CP custom forged pistons 4.185 bore, 438 grams. 1.5 CC...
  5. Rollers
    Very nicely built chromoly big welded cage. Car had a sbf and power glide in it and weighed 2700 lbs with a fat man. aerospace brakes front and rear 9" rear end with 410 gear 35 spline axles aluminum center section wheelie bars Aluminum wing and parachute Thru the floor subframe connectors UPR...
1-5 of 5 Results