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  1. Doorslammer Electrical & Plumbing Assistance

    Creeping up on the electrical/plumbing portion of my build. Other than having someone tackle it for me, does anyone have any advice, pointers, information, diagrams, pics, step by steps, whatever that you can provide in regards to electrical and plumbing on a doorslammer or similar set up as...
  2. John Camp Wins Maple Grove Chevy Show with NEOPMA

    Pro Modified
    HOT, HOT, HOT and Sticky. Sixteen Cars showed up for the race. Gary Courtier broke a driveshaft testing and Tony Morrell kissed the wall. Fourteen cars made it into the field with the top 8 running 3.70 to 3.97. Kevin McCurdy 3.70, John Camp 3.71, Mike (Mountain Man) Achenbach 3.73, Tyler Hard...
  3. Should screw blowers be allowed in pdra and nhra?

    Pro Modified
    Should pdra pro boost and nhra pro mod allow screw blowers in? I personally see no reason why screw blowers are “outlaw”. This past year we’ve seen the pro charger perform strong in outlaw racing and in pdra pro boost.