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  1. Let's Talk Drag Racing
    Saw she crashed a 6.20 door car (1/8 Mile), at a prepped track bracket race. Car was out of shape immediately off the line, and drove the car to around the 330 before crashing it. For a second it looked like she was going to take out the 4.90 door car that was chasing her down. Looks like it...
  2. For Sale Cadillac CTSV

    The 2020 race season is soon approaching. If you want the nicest LDR, 275, or just a plain bad ass race car I think this Cadillac is the answer. It is brand new and has the ability to run in multiple classes. Currently in a small tire set up but big tire will fit on this car. No expense...
    $12,345 USD
1-2 of 2 Results