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  1. GM Builds
    Sbc 427 going in an s10 weighs roughly 2850 race ready, 13:1 compression solid roller, 500 shot fogger, Powerglide and a 275 radial on a leaf spring. If all works out what E.T. Would be reasonable to hope for?
  2. Nitrous - Induction Solutions
    I've got a Big Block 460 Chevy with a Enderle Hat Injection on it running on Alcohol. Looking to put a Nitrous Fogger kit plumbed into the intake runners. Any suggestions on how to make this Nitrous/Alcohol combo work? I have a whole separate system, tank & fuel pumps in the rear from when I ran...
  3. Tech Questions - Monson Racing
    Hey guys, new here. This is my first post. Had a backhalfed 73 nova running big tire. Sold it about 2 years ago, want to get back into it. Want to get in one this radial tire racing. My question for you guys is, I have a 502 BBC and a 6.0 LS based iron block. Both tore down, both good runners...
1-20 of 45 Results