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  1. Engines & Engine Parts
    427 LS NEXT STAGE 3 2000 hp SHORT BLOCK ONLY. Made for power adder. Callie’s MAGNUM crank. Callie’s rods Diamond pistons Dart block SOLD
  2. Naturally Aspirated
    Hello, I just received a pair of 862 heads from a machine shop and one of the heads has a couple of problems between the valve seats (see picture). I’m aware that cracks are a common problem and since it passed a vacuum test I’m not too worried about it. My main concern it the slight bit of...
  3. GM Builds
    So earlier this year I got my hands on a 2003 LR4 longblock (thinking it was an LM7), took it home, and started tearing it apart to see what the damage was. Turns out that the cause for damage was the use of spark plugs whose electrodes were too long (TL;DR, piston slaps plug electrode and...
1-3 of 3 Results