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  1. Ultra Street/X275/Outlaw 275/Outlaw Drag Radial
    I’m looking at a couple of F bodies and Fox bodies for an x275 type build. The hardtop versions of these cars are so much more expensive than the convertibles. You can get a convertible for much less which would allow me get this started sooner. So, my question, would you 25.x cert a...
  2. Let's Talk Drag Racing
    I'm getting ready to start building a 1987 Mustang GT repowered with a Gen 3 Coyote hooked up to a C4 trans. The plan is to still be street legal but focus is on track performance so I'm thinking about a lot of options - current thoughts are a 4.10 rear-end and radial slicks on Weld wheels for...
1-5 of 5 Results