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  1. Trash Or Be Trashed
    I was just curios what king of long term reliabilty do people get with engines in the 800-1k HP mark. Im particularly looking at the Chevy LS and big block ford. Is it possible to go 75k to 100k without a rebuild.
  2. Ford Builds
    Hey everyone it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. I have a 70 mustang I just finished up doing a Mustang 2 style suspension with coilovers. But to my question… I have a VSR billet 80mm laying around and I’m wanting to put it on a stroker Windsor. What cubic inch and size heads should I go...
  3. Ford Builds
    Alright, HUGE shot in the dark here. Does anybody know somebody who once upon a time had a green 1973 Ford Pinto named Pinto Bean? Converted with a 355 SBC. I know it was named pinto bean because I can see the outline of sticker residue on the back windshield. I’m now the owner of this car and...
  4. Let's Talk Drag Racing
    Thinking about eventually building a twin turbo car but I hate not being able to work on a car because of lack of room. So what car has the largest engine bay don't care what brand it is as long as there's all of the room in the engine bay.
  5. Engines & Engine Parts
    NIB MGP 2500 series Aluminum rods. 2.100" journal, 6.200" long, .927" pin bore. $1100 shipped includes PayPal Fees.
1-5 of 5 Results