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  1. GM Builds
    Hello ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to share the latest build for my NETO pro-street bracket car... •Long block assembly by Big Sal's Racing Engines •Dyno tuning at Bison Engine and Machine •434 cu in Small Block Chevy •4.155 bore x 4.000 stroke •11:1 compression •Dart SHP block •Callies crank...
  2. Miscellaneous
    I am going to purchase a used Super Flow 901 or 902 dyno and am looking for someone selling out or upgrading. Can pay with cash or wire transfer. Closer to Tennessee the better, but as long as it's located in the US ok. Must be in good working order. Feel free to email text or call. Thank you...
  3. GM Builds
    I'm performing a full overhaul on my 2003 LS, and I'm looking for a shop relatively close by that has engine-dyno capabilities. The vehicle the engine is boing into has an automatic transmission, and I'm not interested in using a rolling road to get the tune right. I'm looking for something...
1-3 of 3 Results